8 Ways to Save or Make Money

So we all like to save an extra little bit of cash here and there, so I thought I’d set myself a challenge of saving (or making) a little bit of extra money in a month. Even if it is just a small amount, it all helps and soon adds up. It won’t always be an easy task but it will worth it by the end of the month. Here are 9 ideas which I used to help me through my challenge.

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How to Build an Emergency Fund

What is an emergency fund? Good question… essentially, an emergency fund is savings that will help cover you in case of a real emergency, this could be losing your job, sudden house repair or unexpected car repair. Anything that you will need money upfront for, so an emergency fund is ideal to fall back on without having to panic too much or put yourself in to debt.


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Meal ideas for a 1 year old

Kaci has been on solid foods now since she was 5-6 months, She will have a weetabix for breakfast which she absolutely loves! At lunch times, I normally give her finger foods, I wanted to give her more of a variation so I put together a few lunch ideas so she has a mixture of lunches rather than the same each day. Dinner times she usually has a jar of baby food, which was good whilst she was getting used to new textures but now she is eating really well I wanted to start giving her proper food for dinner too. I struggled to think of tasty ideas to start off with I but eventually came up with her own little menu.

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Reasons My Baby Cries

I have recently been introduced to the hilarious website “reasons my son is crying” and it is awesome! It has me in fits of laughter every time I look at it. There are so many random reasons why kids cry and it made me realise Kaci is getting that way now too. She is getting her own little mind and knows when something doesn’t make her happy, she’ll throw herself on the floor and have a little strop.

This got me thinking, I want to remember all the funny things she gets upset with over the next few years. I decided to write them all down and keep them for when she is older so she can look back and have a laugh over them. I found this cute little notebook from The Range (I love that shop, anything you need can be found there!) and I’m going to record all the funny things she cries over in it.

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Baby Wish List

Kaci is starting to outgrow a lot of her bits and bobs now. Before she was born we stocked up on A LOT of everything, from clothes to nappies to all the bigger necessities…car seat, pram etc. Now it’s getting to the stage where we need to buy bigger, more practical things for her. Here are a few bits and bobs that I’d like to get for Kaci in the near future.

The pram we have at the moment is great, and it’s a Chicco Urban I love it, we got ours with the red colour pack so it’s nice and bright. It has been really practical too, the car seat clips on to the push chair frame which is handy, especially when Kaci is asleep. Makes life a lot easier! The carry cot/pram part converts in the pushchair which is also really good. I used to like going on walks with her when she was so tiny, I could barely see her in the pram, she would be hidden by the cover! But now, it’s a great push chair and Kaci loves it in there. I think she likes to see what is going on.

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